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Alessandra Dibitetto
aka Little Lady

Professional Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer and Performer.

Illustrator, Costume Designer and Blog Writer.

Her vision: “ Art saves million of lives every day and makes the world better!”

Alessandra has been practicing Contemporary Fusion Dance now for more than fifteen years. During this time she has worked as a dancer in Italy and has performed in various international stages. Alessandra has worked with live music ensembles and participated in various projects with musicians, she has conducted dance troupes and has founded some different organisations based on theatrical-dance and Cabaret Burlesque. She holds regular dance courses and workshop.

Her natural curiosity for foreign things, led her to study different types of dance and so her style has evolved over time. She travels throughout the world to study dances from different cultures. Her creative adventure all started with her taking ballet classes when she was a little girl.

Alessandra chose her stage name Little Lady to express the concept of opposites: Everything and Nothing or rather “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” of Pirandello. Virtually no name because she considers herself only a tool among many, with the hope of reaching the hearts of those who have also dedicated their precious time to dance.

Alessandra must dance because she can’t live without it and because she thinks that art makes the world a better place.

About Little Lady:

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